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Bridal Makeup Artist

I help my clients to look and feel their absolute best self.

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Bridal services encompass expertly applied makeup tailored to each individual, using high-quality, durable products. 

Your bridal makeup will include a full skincare preparation, individual eyelash application tailored to suit your desired style and eye shape, to complete a radiant glow for the décolletage and arms.

My wedding service includes skincare and makeup application for you and your bridal party during the ceremony. It can be extended to cover post-ceremony photographs and the reception. I cherish the opportunity to stay throughout the wedding, actively participating. Adjustments to the makeup can be made, ensuring a different look for your evening reception that complements the time of day and any potential dress changes.

Each wedding is unique, tailored to meet your individual needs and preferences. 

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Your Bridal Makeup Artist

I am your makeup artist for your wedding day and your day only.

I take immense pride in ensuring my clients feel and look their absolute best on their wedding day. 

By attentively listening to their preferences and understanding their unique style, I craft a personalized makeup look that accentuates their natural beauty and aligns flawlessly with their vision. 

Striving for perfection is ingrained in my process. I meticulously select premium products, pay attention to intricate details, and focus on flawless execution to achieve a stunning and long-lasting result. 

My commitment goes beyond just makeup. I create a supportive and relaxed atmosphere, instilling confidence and joy in my clients as they step into this momentous occasion, radiating beauty and grace.

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Georgia did my wedding makeup in April 2023. She truly understood my makeup style and allowed me to explain what I wanted. I showed her some inspiration photos, and she skillfully adapted them to suit my face and eye shape. She's also a lovely person. On the morning of our wedding, we got ready at my home. Georgia kept her makeup station clean and tidy, and she efficiently managed her time. After my makeup trial, Georgia sent me a timing list for everyone getting their makeup done on the day. This was incredibly helpful because it helped me coordinate when each person needed to be there. All the little and big things that Georgia did to make our day special were truly appreciated. I can't thank her enough for her hard work. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to everyone I know.

Annie Gallis

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I offer comprehensive wedding makeup services that cover your entire day, from the ceremony to the evening reception. I'll be available for any makeup adjustments you desire, accommodating changes if you have a second dress for the reception, transitioning your look from daytime to evening.

Crafting timeless and beautiful bridal makeup looks is my passion and is incredibly fulfilling for me. The process involves bringing the entire vision to life, and I consider previews a crucial aspect of my bridal service. 

Investing time in getting to know you during the preview enables me to tailor the perfect look for you. Factors like the season, wedding theme, personal preferences, and your unique individuality significantly contribute to the final makeup outcome.

I aim to guarantee your comfort and relaxation, along with that of your bridal party, on your special day. Every detail, from skincare preparation to makeup application and final touch-ups like body glow, will be meticulously addressed by me.

Makeup Services

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Special Occasion

One-To-One Lesson

One-To-One Bridal Makeup Lesson

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Bridal Trials

I would like to invite you to my studio for your bridal trial, or I will happily travel to your home. If you would like to come to the studio you are welcome to bring along a maximum of two people... fizz and refreshments will be provided along with a makeup touch up kit!

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